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Surviving the Pandemic

This is a four-part webinar series on "Surviving the Pandemic". Healthcare experts will discuss how COVID-19 is impacting Black and brown communities and what you can do to keep yourself and family members safe and healthy.


Get Help...

March 30, 2020 Governor Ducey issued a ”Stay at Home” Order calling Arizonans to stay home during the height of the Coronavirus.  The Governor and Legislature also signed a stimulus package providing social and economic relief during and post-COVID-19 . If you, your family, or your small business need help click here.


Charlene Tarver

A candidate who will zealously advocate for Maricopa students, families, and faculty and fight for the future of our county‘s economy.

No matter what walk of life you’re from you deserve a fair shot.  


A Voice for Maricopa

Charlene Tarver has spent her life and career advocating for poor and marginalized communities.

From her early years working with Covenant House Legal Services (NYC), homeless residents through NYU’s Health Research Project, Court Appointed Special Advocates, and Volunteers in Probation, Tarver has been a tireless advocate for opportunity. That pathway led her through the NYS Attorney General’s Office, the Federal Public Defender’s Office, The Mayor’s Office (Oakland), her own law firm, and Maricopa Community Colleges to The Women’s Economic Institute, Inc.-- a federally recognized 501c3 providing  policy, technical assistance, workforce training, and leadership development for women and girls.   

In working with academic programs like business and Year Up!—serving first generation college bound and DACA students—Tarver connects with students where they are, with the intent of empowering them to go beyond where society says they can. 

The Campaign Platform

Tarver for Maricopa Community Colleges

Creating opportunity for Maricopa County students, faculty, and families.


A Bigger Vision for ALL OF Maricopa

Closing the Opportunity Gap

Affordable and accessible community colleges reduce the number of opportunity youth in the state, ensure students graduate on time, place more Arizonans on a pathway to financial security, and create a viable labor market for Maricopa County and the state.

Nationwide there are 5.5 million opportunity youth (i.e., young people between the ages of 16 and 24 who are unemployed and unenrolled in college). Data suggests that a high concentration of those youth are right here in Maricopa County.— Some struggled in school and lacked adequate support to make it to graduation, others were involved with the justice system, teen parenting, or children who simply "aged out" of  foster care.  Nationally  young adults who are not in school or working cost tax payers $93 billion annually and $1.6 trillion over their lifetimes in lost revenues and increased social services. The question is can Maricopa County afford to write off such a large segment of our population? And can Arizona afford the long term public and social costs of doing so? The answer is “No”. 

With stronger state and federal partnerships and  the state’s reinvestment in community colleges we can reduce the high population of opportunity youth, make education affordable, strengthen the valley’s workforce, make trade and vocational training easily accessible, develop strategic pipelines from high-school-to-community college, and ensure graduation is achievable for every community college student.  

Making Maricopa Stronger Together!

Strengthening and reinvesting in  our community colleges ensures greater social mobility, stronger families, and a thriving economy. I’m asking for your support today and your vote on November 3, 2020 in the general election.  Vote Charlene Tarver for the Maricopa Community Colleges Governing Board, District 5.  Let’s make Maricopa stronger together!


District 5 Map

The District boasts more than  790,000 constituents throughout Avondale, Buckeye, Gila Bend, the Gila River Indian Community, Glendale, Goodyear, Guadalupe, Phoenix, Tolleson, and many smaller communities composing District 5.

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Making community college achievable

A Voice for Maricopa Community Colleges

For more than seventeen years Charlene has served on boards and commissions throughout Maricopa County. From park services and bond financing to pension reform and body worn cameras, Charlene brings administrative, policy and legal experience; a depth of knowledge; a strong voice; a demonstrated commitment to education and representing marginalized communities; and an ability to work across the aisle to get things done.  She will be a voice for ALL of Maricopa.

United By A Common Goal

Just like our students, families, and the faculty that serve them, Charlene Tarver knows the value of education, mentoring, community, and a chance.  

"I believe in Maricopa Community Colleges...that's why I teach here and that's why I'm running for Maricopa Community Colleges Governing Board (District 5).  Like you, I believe our students and the communities we serve deserve the very best quality education, workforce training programs,  technical/vocational training, and a pathway to upward social mobility. We have one common goal and that's to make Maricopa great!  We can accomplish that when we work together, because we're stronger together!" 

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